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What’s Scoutpark?

To promote a better society, we’ve developed Scoutpark

This innovative app empowers users to report improper parking and rewards them financially for their contributions. By engaging community members, we’re moving closer to a culture where respect for laws and regulations is the norm.
Report a misparked car and if a parking attendant issues a control fee, you’ll receive 100 SEK directly via Swish!

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How it works


Get the app

Download the app or use our web app and get scouting within seconds.


Do good

Find a parking violation and notify a parking guard about it. Just snap a photo and submit.


Get paid

For each tip that leads to a parking control fee, you’ll earn 100 SEK directly to your Swish account.

Business areas

Parking companies

Let our scouts help your guards find more parking violations. Our innovative approach leverages community involvement to increase detection rates and enforcement accuracy, ensuring your parking spaces are used as intended.


Create a better parking climate and maximize tax revenues with Scoutpark. Our system is designed to streamline enforcement processes and enhance compliance, contributing to a more organized urban environment and improved financial outcomes.

Property Owners

Connect your property or BRF to the Scoutpark network and experience a new level of parking management. Our platform makes it easy to monitor parking spaces efficiently, ensuring better compliance and happier tenants or employees.

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Our communities love what we do!

Every guard can only be in one place at the time, so to have alot of other people keeping an eye on our areas is fantastic and have definitely resulted in more tickets being issued.”

Ulf Bellås – CEO Parkia

To have an easy way to earn some extra money have been great, whenever i have an hour or two free i just take my bike and go scouting.”

Karl Fredriksson – Student

It can be quite lonely just driving around looking for cars by myself, with Scoutpark it feel like im part of a team, it’s more work but also more fun.”

Roland Randhem – Parking guard

The story

How we make the streets a better place

At Scoutpark, we transform ordinary citizens into an extension of the parking enforcement teams. By harnessing the power of community involvement and technology, we’ve developed a solution that enhances urban order and compliance. Our app empowers individuals to report parking violations in real-time, which helps enforce parking rules more effectively. This proactive approach not only improves parking discipline but also supports a more respectful use of public spaces. By engaging with real-world problems, Scoutpark demonstrates that small actions can lead to significant societal benefits, fostering a more organized and considerate urban environment.